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Korra sat on the couch with her laptop sitting on her legs, when all of a sudden disaster had struck her eyes. Hell no. And then oh so conveniently, Mako walked in shirtless because why the fuck not.

"Mako!", she called to him.

"Yeah?", he responded. 

"Let’s go!", she said as she sprung up from her seat.

"Where?", he asked. 

"We’re gonna go to Comic Con and kick the network’s ass because Bryke is amazing at everything and Nick is just a bag of tiny dicks and they won’t let you come on screen shirtless or show our makeup sex scenes which are canon for Book 4!"

Mako smirked as he grabbed Korra by the waist guided her to the door. 

"Only if we can make out multiple times.", he said.

"PERFECT.", she said as they ran downstairs and onto sky bisons with tons of cute as fuck babies and to sdcc 2k14.

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