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"Your dad was the right person to carry you home and bandage you up. That wasn’t my place to be at the time." THANK YOU! That is what was happening in the finale, it wasn't that he didn't care.

I KNOW RIGHT. And thank you lol

Down By The Bay

Summary: Takes place during Jinora’s ceremony of receiving her tattoos. Kinda after party thing. Korra tries to leave in more ways than one.

Rated: T

A/N: I strongly caution if you have a suicide trigger, you avoid this fic. Yes I know what it’s like to attempt suicide. Yes I have done it, but obviously failed. I was still very lucky to have people reach and help me, and to let myself be open to their help. The way Korra’s acting right now…that was my ten year old self. I know that face. I know that attitude. I know what she’s feeling right now. Please if you are having these kind of thoughts, message me. Or one of us on here. We’re here for you. You’re never alone. Thank you.

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