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#its ridiculous how much i love this pairing IT SET THE BAR FOR ALL OTHER PAIRINGS EVER I THINK

i’m still haunted by the line “princesses don’t marry kitchen boys” because the absolute _resignation_ and heartbreak in that line still hurts my heart.

This movie is the best and if you think otherwise you can fight me.


Imagine person A of your OTP is a CEO/boss for a higher company. Person B just got hired to be their assistant. Person A notices that they’re very attractive at first, and tries to be rude to cover it up. Person B is a little confused at first, but they notice when they compliment person A, they blush a lot. So months later, a day comes along when person B is handing person A some papers, and their fingers touch each other’s. Shy at first, but person A slowly and gently intertwines their fingers together, and person B follows. What happens next is up to you!

Pillow Fights

Summary: Korra uses a pillow to cuddle instead of a handsome possibly shirtless this book for frack’s sake fire bender.

Rated: K

A/N: I’m tired and writing fluff and just…book 4….

"I can explain..", she said, peeking up from the light blue pillow. Now that Mako had the night shift again, Korra was left with the internal frustrations of no one sleeping next to her.

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